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Reach more subscribers and increase revenue.


Certified senders see inbox rates that are 32.5 percentage points higher

This happens at top mailbox providers, compared to similar, non-Certified senders. How? Return Path Certification is the industry’s most powerful and unique whitelist, providing benefits at major mailbox providers and filtering companies to ensure your emails reach your subscribers.

More emails in the inbox means more opportunities for your customers to see your message, and ultimately drive increased ROI from the email channel. By not being Certified, marketers are leaving $135 billion on the table each year.


Certification is a powerful and unique program


Increase subscriber reach and ROI from the email channel with preferential inbox placement at major mailbox providers


Receive favorable reputation and treatment at critical filters like Cloudmark, SpamAssassin, and Cisco Ironport


Identify and troubleshoot global deliverability issues using Signal Spam and Vade Secure data


Increase deliverability all year, including the crucial holiday season when mailbox providers often throttle and filter high volume senders


Maximize email program performance with daily reporting and 24/7 monitoring and support from Return Path


Get simplified and faster IP warming, including stronger reputation and recognition when you migrate or obtain a new IP address

What our customers say

“Thousands of people each week rescue pets through our Rescue Me website. If even a single email doesn’t get delivered to the Inbox of one of our users, it could mean the difference between life and death for a shelter animal. Thanks to Return Path, all of our emails to Yahoo, Hotmail, and AOL users get delivered promptly to the Inbox.”

Jeff Gold
Founder of Rescue Me

Our program has the highest standards

Not every sender has what it takes to become Return Path Certified. The program is designed for best in class senders that meet top mailbox providers’ and subscribers’ expectations and follow industry standard best practices.

For those who qualify, the benefits are unparalleled. To become Certified:

  • Apply for the Certification program through the Return Path website. If you’re already a Return Path client, reach out to your account representative or submit a ticket.
  • We’ll review your email program and evaluate your permission practices, email infrastructure, privacy policy disclosures, and more. View our Certification requirements.
  • If applicable, we’ll give you specific recommendations on what needs to be changed or adjusted.
  • Once Certified, we’ll continue to monitor your performance and adherence to requirements. Our experts are always ready to help and ensure that you remain in good standing.

What our customers say

“For us, Certification provides us more than just higher inbox placement rates. It gives us a peace of mind knowing on a daily basis how our emails are being delivered.”

Mary Newhoff
Digital Marketing Manager

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