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A Return Path solution that ensures you’re reaching more subscribers and increasing revenue.

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Certification is the Industry’s most powerful whitelist and unique data hub providing benefits at major mailbox providers and filtering companies to ensure your emails reach your subscribers. Certification is also a source of insightful, actionable data to help you send with confidence. Certified senders receive mailbox provider data from Return Path to help them understand the true impact of their emails. The program also includes support and guidance along the way from Return Path.

What does this mean for email marketers?

More emails in the inbox means more opportunities for your subscribers to see your message, and ultimately drive increased ROI from the email channel. Our Certified senders perform better, make major improvements to their programs, and use insightful and unique data to increase their email reach.

In this infographic we cover all things Certification. Get to know what becoming Return Path Certified really means for you and your program.

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