Return Path partners with companies that know email. We invest our time and energy into our partnerships to make email more effective, safe, and profitable…together. Our program welcomes a variety of partner profiles, including referral, reseller, technology & data, and member associations.

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Our partnership program offers various levels to align with your business goals. Each level has a specific set of qualifying criteria including sales, service, support, strategic planning, solutions, reporting and financial requirements. The criteria that determine a company’s partnership level are a function of joint business between Return Path and the partner. In order to foster vibrant and collaborative partnerships, the criteria are a combination of revenue, deal volume, and annual growth. Partnership level is determined annually in consultation between partner and Return Path.

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Referral and Reseller Partners

For more than 15 years, Return Path has been partnering with leading email service providers, marketing clouds, digital agencies and security vendors to help their clients optimize email revenue and customer engagement, as well as protect their brand against email fraud.

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Mailbox Providers

We help the largest mailbox providers create a safer, smarter inbox for email users. Fueled by the world’s most powerful email data platform, we partner with mailbox providers to improve the email experience, eliminate spam and keep consumers safe from email fraud.

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Let’s Start Our Partnership

Provide your clients with best-in-class email solutions. Explore all the ways to become a partner.

Technology and Data Partners

We partner with some of the best technology and data vendors out there to enhance our capabilities and bring best-in-class solutions to our clients across the world.

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Member Associations

Return Path has been at the center of the email ecosystem for decades and our involvement with industry bodies and member associations is critical to our business.

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Experts in Deliverability

Our customers trust our data and insights to help them optimize their email marketing.

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