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Our partners have the same goals as we do – to make email safer, more effective, and push the boundaries of technology. We work with a variety of businesses, from referral partners and resellers to technology and data companies.


Referral & Reseller Partners

For more than 18 years, Return Path has been partnering with leading email service providers, marketing clouds, and digital agencies to help their clients optimize email revenue and customer engagement.


Mailbox Providers & Email Security Companies

We help the largest mailbox providers and email security companies create a safer, smarter inbox for email users. Fueled by the world’s most powerful email data platform, we work with our partners to improve the email experience, eliminate spam, and keep consumers safe from email fraud.

Return Path Partner Platform

Announcing the first and only deliverability platform developed exclusively for ESPs.


Technology & Data Partners

Return Path partners with technology and data companies to enhance our capabilities and bring best-in-class solutions to our customers across the world.


Member Associations

Return Path is proud to have been involved in the email ecosystem for decades. Our involvement with industry bodies and member associations is critical to our business – and those of our customers as well.


Experts in Deliverability

Our customers trust our data and insights to help them optimize their email marketing.