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Email Client Monitor

Know how, where, when, and for how long your email messages are being viewed.


Email Client Monitor gives you insight into how and where your customers prefer to view your emails. Knowing which mobile devices, email clients, and browsers your customers are using to view your email, as well as what time they are opening, where they are opening, and for how long they are reading, means you can maximize response and conversion rates by designing and optimizing emails just for them.


Email Client Monitor helps marketers:

  • Improve insights into subscriber preferences by understanding how, when, and where customers are viewing your emails.
  • Optimize email content based on device, geolocation, and engagement.
  • Get visibility into which browsers your subscribers use, how this is changing over time, and where you should focus your deliverability efforts.
  • Improve upon the effectiveness of email campaigns by optimizing send time and providing deeper segmentation and targeting data.
  • Easily tag and filter results based on demographics, mobile use, segment, or custom tags.

You’ll learn what percentage of your mail is being opened by:

  • Device: Across all email clients, including your mobile email stats.
  • Send Time: The time when you are getting the most opens.
  • Geolocation: Where opens are occurring, including zip, city, time zone, as well as country and state level.
  • Dwell Time: For how long subscribers are reading your emails.

Armed with these insights, you can focus your email template design efforts on the mobile devices, email clients, and browsers that matter most. You’ll be able to customize your email content to better resonate with your customers and optimize your send time to maximize engagement.


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