Mailbox Providers

We help some of the world’s most reputable mailbox providers create a safer, smarter inbox for email users. Fueled by the world’s most powerful email data platform, we work with mailbox providers to eliminate spam and keep consumers safe from email fraud.

Return Path has designed and built tools specifically for Postmasters to ease the burden of managing their environments. These tools range from quickly identifying bad senders within a mailbox provider’s own environment (Outbound Abuse Manager) to a collaborative exchange of SPAM trap hits (Global Threat Exchange), to outsourced sender complaint management (Feedback Loop Manager). We also provide a blacklist, which uses our reputation data to identify the worst of the worst in sending habits so their mail can be blocked or filtered. Similarly, we provide a whitelist that highlights the top tier of our sending community who are adhering to strict sending standards. Each mailbox provider can use these lists to constantly monitor and improve the user experience and protect them from SPAM.

Return Path is an active member of the Anti-Abuse community. We hold a seat on the M3AAWG Board of Directors, helping champion and co-author the Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance (DMARC) specification. DMARC authentication failures and forensic data help reduce the time of detection of email fraud and close down phishing attacks. Return Path is also a key contributor to international Anti-Abuse organizations such as Signal Spam and ETIS.

For the last 15 years, Return Path has served as a central point in the email ecosystem. We act as the clearing house for email data, combining it, analyzing it, and providing insights to Mailbox Providers and the sending community. We encourage and support a collaborative environment to enhance the email experience.