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Mailbox Providers & Email Security Companies


Return Path brings together over 80 major Mailbox Providers and email security companies across the globe to form the Return Path Provider Network, a trusted data-sharing ecosystem. Created to protect and enhance the email experience for consumers, Provider Network participants have access to free tools and products that help manage inbound and outbound spam, streamline daily workflow, provide exclusive data sharing, and make the management of email traffic easier.

Inbound Anti-Spam Services

  • Universal Feedback Loop: Configure, manage, and coordinate feedback loop subscriptions.  (Learn More)
  • Inbound Abuse Monitor: Detect top offending IPs to aid in email filtering and blocking. (Learn More)
  • Inbound Abuse Monitor – Global View: Gain insight into how top offending IPs are performing at 20+ UFBL Mailbox Providers.
  • Return Path Blocklist (RPBL): A safety contribution to the email ecosystem, this blocklist is used by Mailbox Providers, security vendors, and others as an element in filtering algorithms and policies. (Learn More)
  • Certified Sender List: Create a safer email ecosystem by enforcing email best practices and safe sending behaviors.

Outbound Anti-Spam Feeds

  • Global Trap Exchange: Exchange spam trap data and collaborate with other partners to combat abuse and protect end-users. (Log In)
  • Sender Score: Access the reputations of IP addresses and domains across the email ecosystem. (Learn More)
What our customers say

“As a Mailbox Provider, I care about making my users happy and that means reducing the number of complaints as much as possible. Users are happy receiving mail they’re interested in rather than being submerged in spam. It’s exciting that I have access to free and useful tools through Return Path that not only save me time in my day to day but also keeps my end users happy.”

Carmen Piciorus
Head of Abuse Desk Team

If you are interested in becoming a partner and learning more about our solutions, please send us an email at

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