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Referral & Reseller Partners


For more than 18 years, Return Path has partnered with email service providers (ESPs), marketing clouds, and digital agencies to help their clients optimize email revenue and customer engagement.

Return Path Referral Partners

If you’re a partner looking to register a referral with Return Path, let us know. You can help your clients gain access to world-class email optimization solutions so that they get more out of the email channel. Return Path professionals will then work with you and your client to select the best solutions for their business.


Become a Partner

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Make a Referral

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Return Path Reseller Partners

The objective of the Return Path partner program is to develop strategic partnerships based on mutual goals and deep collaboration. Return Path’s partners have a distinct advantage over their competitors with best-in-class email data powering their customers’ email programs.

Our partnership programs offer various levels to align with your business goals. Each level has a specific set of qualifying criteria including sales, service, support, strategic planning, solutions, reporting and financial requirements. The criteria that determine a company’s partnership level are a function of joint business between Return Path and the partner. In order to foster vibrant and collaborative partnerships, the criteria are a combination of revenue, deal volume, and annual growth. Partnership level is determined annually in consultation between partner and Return Path.

We custom develop go-to-market plans for our reseller partners, with tailored product packages that will complement your platform. You’ll lead the services relationship and define how our world-class services team backs you up. Our global sales team will operate under rules of engagement with your sales team and we’ll align customer success managers for joint clients. Our aim is a win-win-win scenario.

Return Path Partner Platform

We understand that email service providers and agencies have different needs than our marketing clients. To that end, we have teams of dedicated product, service, and technical account managers who only serve our partners. Our Partner Platform was developed exclusively for ESPs and our Partner Advisory Board guides the roadmap for future development. Our services and support teams understand the importance and urgency required to run a successful business while ensuring that your clients’ email is optimized and successfully delivered.


Experts in Deliverability

Our customers trust our data and insights to help them optimize their email marketing.