Ensure your email reaches the inbox with Certification

Email deliverability is complex, and reaching the inbox requires more than just hitting send. Through Return Path’s Certified Whitelist, brands get preferential delivery with top mailbox providers – including Yahoo, Microsoft, and AOL – representing over 2.5 billion mailboxes worldwide.

In this video, we’ll help you understand the benefits of Certification, including:

  • Improved email deliverability to AOL, Yahoo, Microsoft, Comcast, Cox, Cloudmark, Yandex, Mail.ru, Orange, Spamassassin, SpamCop, and more
  • Unblocked images and active links
  • Bypassing critical mailbox-provider filters
  • Unique data directly from mailbox providers, like inbox complaint rates, spam trap hits, and Microsoft Sender Reputation Data

Want to learn more about becoming certified? See how it works now.

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