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Inbox placement and reputation are critical to the success or failure of your email marketing program and your email return on investment. We help email marketers maximize their subscriber reach by providing the data and insights you need to ensure emails get to the inbox.


The deliverability landscape is changing, but that doesn’t mean it has to be hard to reach your subscribers’ inboxes. Email is a vital part of the way you communicate and build relationships with your customers, so ensuring you have extensive knowledge on the performance of your emails is a top priority.

One out of every five commercial emails never reaches the inbox.

So where do they go? They can be delivered to junk or spam folder, or be outright blocked by a mailbox provider. Getting emails delivered to the inbox involves more than just hitting send.


Why is deliverability insight critical?

There might be issues with your email program you don’t have visibility into.


You’re experiencing a drop in engagement rates, like open and clicks, and you don’t know why.


You’re seeing an increase in email bounces but don’t know how to combat it.


You want a deeper understanding of how you’re placing with mailbox providers but can’t figure out how to see it.


You look at the metrics you currently monitor but can’t find the root cause and the solution to what’s plaguing your program.

With Return Path, our data-driven solutions help email marketers understand their deliverability and take action to reach your subscriber’s inbox. This allows you to connect with more customers to drive awareness and revenue.

What our customers say

“With Return Path, we have achieved a key priority: a level of deliverability that is truly stable, unaffected by our peak activity periods. Our CRM teams now have peace of mind while they work and can focus on marketing innovations. Return Path also plays an important consultancy role, offering advice on all aspects of our marketing strategy.”

Aurélie Bilard
Head of CRM & Web Projects

Return Path Platform

Differentiate between inbox and spam folder placement, giving you the most accurate and comprehensive information regarding your deliverability. Uncover and improve your sender reputation and see the metrics that mailbox providers are using to evaluate your email program.



Reach more subscribers and increase revenue by receiving exclusive data and mailbox provider benefits.


Real-Time Email Validation

Validate and clean your subscriber list to reduce bounced emails and improve deliverability to the inbox.


Powered by EmailDNA

Return Path puts solutions to any email marketing problem within reach. Our data and analytics go beyond recommendations to solve the constantly evolving challenges that marketers face every day.


Client Services

Whether you’re experiencing low inbox placement or a poor sending reputation, Return Path’s Client Services team can help. We provide a variety of packages ranging from low cost self-service solutions with onboarding and support to expertly guided full-service solutions with ongoing account management and consulting.

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