Service & Support

Support for Return Path services are available through our Support Services Center. Support is available for various Return Path services including Return Path operated Feedback Loops, Sender, Return Path Reputation Network Blacklistist, Return Path Certification (Return Path Certified and Return Path Safelist). If you do not find the information you need in our Knowledge Base you may submit an online support ticket.

Support Hours: Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM MST
Submitted requests will generally be responded to within one business day, issue resolution time will vary by product and issue complexity.

Return Path Reputation Network Blacklist Support

Return Path provides an informational website,, for senders who are listed on the Return Path Reputation NetworkBlacklist (RNBL) and concerned that ISPs may be blocking them based on our data. This support site allows senders to research their reputation scores and understand why their IP addresses are listed. Senders can also request temporary removal from our blacklist if they have identified and are in the process of correcting the root cause of their poor performance. Senders can submit additional inquiries by email that are handled by a fully staffed customer support desk.

Sender Abuse and Complaint Reporting

Any concerns or complaints regarding the Return Path Certification program can be submitted to

NOTE: Please include the full headers and body text of the offending message, but it is not necessary to send WHOIS records, traceroute output, or similar information.

Legacy Services

The following services are no longer owned and operated by Return Path. To obtain support for these services, please reference the links below: