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Gain insights to optimize your email marketing program.


Once you have access to the Return Path tools suite, you’ll get insight into your email marketing campaigns with actionable ways to improve deliverability and optimize your program.

We'll get you up and running

To ensure you know how to decipher those insights, we have a dedicated onboarding team to help you get setup. Depending on level of desired help, our onboarding specialists will take you through each step of the setup process.

This may include:

  • Kick-off call with dedicated onboarding specialist
  • Account setup and activation
  • Seeding setup
  • Live or recorded trainings on the Return Path products, Email Essentials, and Reputation Basics
  • Helpful resources – such as access to our Help Center, blog posts, research, and a getting started guide
  • Introduction to your account team
  • Ongoing meeting setup with your account team

After onboarding, you’ll be ready to dive into the information from our tools and your account team to start optimizing your email program with the new, unique insights.

What our customers say

“The Return Path portfolio has allowed us to maximize our inbox placement across all IPs, confidently warm up new IPs without a hitch, transition to fully responsive designs, target and resolve temporary deliverability issues with certain providers and so much more! I cannot say enough great things about the tools and the people at Return Path. Our program continues to grow and improve due to this great relationship.”

Christine Conklin
Vice President, Marketing

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Contact Us

If you have questions or to speak with Return Path Client Services, please call 1-866-362-4577, or email us. For international inquiries please contact one of our Global Offices.