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Dynamic Optimization

Integrated sending solutions that go beyond best practices.


Our Dynamic Optimization solutions address subscriber engagement issues using advanced data analytics techniques. By using the customized recommendations from these solutions, you can increase deliverability and engagement.

Integrated Solutions


Sending Priority

Being delivered to the inbox at mailbox providers like Gmail and Microsoft, who use engagement as part of their filtering algorithm, is more difficult than ever before. We use your ESP data coupled with our advanced analytics capabilities to classify your subscribers based on engagement. Using these results, we provide analytics driven recommendations on how to best send email to these different groups, giving you the information you need to get to the inbox of subscribers who otherwise would have received the message in their spam folder.


Engagement Assurance

Sending too much marketing email causes subscribers to disengage and opt-out, decreasing the lifetime value of your subscriber list. Using the sophisticated analytics of Engagement Assurance, we identify fatigued subscribers who are likely to negatively engage with your email who should be temporarily suppressed. Our recommendations automatically determine when suppressed subscribers should be added back to your mailings, allowing you to decrease list churn, keep your audience engaged, and increase the long term value of your subscribers.

How Does it Work?


Connect Your ESP

We analyze your subscribers and send recommendations directly to your ESP.


Send Campaigns

You apply recommendations whenever sending new campaigns.


Refresh Data

We update recommendations on a regular basis so you always have fresh data for your campaigns.

Benefits of Dymanic Optimization

  • Use advanced analytics to solve specific email marketing problems
  • Improve email deliverability and engagement with consistently updated, customized recommendations
  • Leverage your email data and the sophisticated data and analytics techniques of EmailDNA
  • Integrate custom recommendations directly into your workflow
  • Take the analytic and data focused work off your plate

Powered by EmailDNA

Our solutions use your data and our advanced analytics techniques to provide customized sending solutions that improve deliverability, engagement, and overall email program ROI.

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