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Proprietary Global Trap Network


ThreatWave is Return Path’s proprietary Global Trap Data – providing marketers more insight into their sending and list quality. The ThreatWave Data Sensor Network has been operating since 2013 and provides greater visibility and understanding around spam trap hits.

Trap Data Re-imagined

We have taken a different approach to trap data. The ThreatWave Sensor Network was the first to provide domain-based trap data which is used to identify list hygiene and acquisition problems. These are the same problems that can signal reputation-damaging Spam Trap hits into other trap networks.

ThreatWave data is:

  • Real-time, proprietary data source managed and operated by Return Path
  • IPs, subject lines, sending domains that aid in identifying culprit campaigns – no more guessing on which campaigns caused issues
  • Globally relevant with data that represents senders from 200 + countries and territories

Mailers or ESPs

ThreatWave is an integral part of the Return Path product suites. We have made it available to marketers and ESPs.


Security Companies

Return Path offers metadata sourced to the security ecosystem. It’s available to security companies interested in anti-phishing, anti-malware, or anti-spam.

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