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When subscribers receive hundreds of marketing messages a month, how do you make sure your emails stand out in the inbox?  Inbox Insight from Return Path helps you drive engagement and get noticed by ensuring that your message is the right message. Powered by Return Path’s Consumer Network, marketers get access to millions of messages with engagement data from over two million consumer inboxes. Our data-driven insights include not only your own engagement metrics, but also show how customers are engaging with your competitors’ offers. With this information, you can optimize your message and propel your email marketing strategy.

Compare campaign metrics side by side with your competitors to get full visibility into what works–and what doesn’t.

Inbox Insight shows you:

  • Which other brands are emailing your subscribers and competing for their attention.
  • If your subject line should lead with an offer or a product.
  • Which days of the week are the busiest email days for your subscribers.
  • The most compelling offers in your vertical.
  • The percentage of subscribers who also receive email from competitors.

Inbox Insight provides robust competitive intelligence and powerful engagement metrics so you can optimize your email strategy and stay ahead of your competitors.

"This product fills a big gap we had in gathering competitive intelligence and allows us to see where we could be doing better in driving the engagement we need to win."

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