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Real-Time Email Validation

Stop bouncing and start converting your subscribers.


As an email marketer, you spend a lot of time and money to acquire subscribers. However, either at the point of acquisition or over time, email addresses that are invalid end up on your list. These invalid addresses can have a negative effect on your ability to get into the inbox of subscribers who will actually convert. With Real-Time Email Validation, you can ensure you have a clean list of email addresses by checking your subscriber list before you hit send.

Real-Time Email Validation can help you:

  • Clean your subscriber list of invalid emails.
  • Verify email addresses in real-time at point of capture to reduce invalid sign ups.
  • Reduce your bounce rate which improves your sender reputation and your delivery to the inbox.
  • Be confident that you are sending to actual subscribers.

The benefits of Real-Time Email Validation ultimately result in a clean and valid subscriber list which achieves better inbox placement and higher ROI from email.

What our customers say

“Real-Time Email Validation has allowed us to weed out bad emails without adding any additional steps to the user experience. Issues with unknown users seem to be a thing of the past as our rates have dropped from 3% to .02%.”

Sr. Vice President
Healthy Paws Pet Insurance & Foundation

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