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ThreatWave Domain Solutions

Monetize Email Traffic Already Going to Your Domains


Get paid for qualified email data sent to your domains. Earn more from your domain assets with ThreatWave’s email data market.

ThreatWave pioneered MX parking and monetization. We capture the email traffic sent to parked and unused domains, then package that data to support the needs of the data researchers in security, marketing and reputation industries. Through our data marketplace, we compensate domain owners for the valuable traffic that can be used to better the internet.

Frequently Asked Questions


What if I have more domains to add?

Easy. Assign your MX records to ThreatWave and they will be included in your account.


How do I get paid?

We pay out monthly for any account above a $100 threshold, based on performance and quality.


How do you determine if data is valuable?

Like web traffic, not all data is valuable to data consumers. Therefore, we track various factors such as quantity, match rate to customer needs, etc to assert a Quality Metrics.

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