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Email Insider Summit – Europe

June 23, 2019  - June 26, 2019
Don Carlos Resort & Spa | Marbella, Spain

Consumers are suffering from information overload, as they navigate a fragmented media landscape that is cluttered with messages. Email marketers are challenged to get noticed in this landscape even by existing customers. At Email Insider Summit EU, we will take on the big media war of 2019 – not just getting noticed but getting genuine attention, not just clicks and conversions but building relationships, experiences and loyalty.

In this edition of the Email Insider Summit, we will explore how brands fight for customer engagement when attention spans are getting shorter, and regulations are stricter. We’ll also look at how CRM leaders are moving email beyond its bottom line performance strengths in conversion, retargeting and ROI to become part of a longer term engagement strategy. The show will address how brands are using automation, data and AI to deliver more personalized experiences in real-time by revealing how brands best executing these tools to make better customer experiences that start relationships.

Return Path is a proud sponsor of this event.

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