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Email Mailed

Make 100% deliverability a reality for your brand with the latest offering from Return Path.


Your subscribers opt into your emails, but are they receiving your messages every time you hit “send?” With Return Path, you can double down on deliverability by sending messages twice.

By utilizing email and traditional mail technology, your brand can be sure that your subscribers are really getting the message. Return Path is uniquely situated as a third party for all your email and postal optimization needs. We’re not an ESP, we’re not mail carriers – but we know email.

With Email Mailed, you can rest assured knowing that your subscriber list is receiving your marketing offers. And unlike traditional email and print mailing campaigns, there is no need to design a separate mail campaign. We simply replicate the email. The process is simple – Return Path will:

  • Receive emails from our customers
  • Print out the emails
  • Stuff the printed emails in envelopes
  • Add postage and a delivery receipt
  • Ensure that the envelopes are picked up by the local postal service agency

Quality Materials, Quality Results

We use top-of-the-line recycled paper and envelopes, along with branded stamps so that your subscribers know you care about the environment and aesthetics.


Our global presence makes it possible

Our locations, from New York to Hamburg to Paris to Broomfield and beyond, makes Email Mailed possible. Since we already have a footprint in these locations, our employees are set up to make your mailing dreams a reality.


April Fool's!

You didn’t really think we were going into the mail business, did you?! We know email, not snail mail.