The Effectiveness of Email Campaigns: Leveraging the Customer Lifecycle

CRM triggered emails and customer lifecycle communications have both been a major opportunity and significant challenge for e-marketers. Only 38% of email senders operate a customer lifecycle program, even though according to a recent blog by Superoffice, a 5% increase in customer retention can increase a company’s profitability by up to 75%.

The main barrier developing just the right communication depending on a client’s customer lifecycle has been time constraints as often marketers find it hard to determine where to even start.

Hear from Guy Hanson and Sebastian Kluth on effective email marketing in the customer lifecycle. In this webinar, they cover:

  • The results of a 12 month analysis project illustrating email performance along the customer lifecycle
  • Learnings from this project
  • Best practice recommendations both for companies just embarking on the customer lifecycle journey and those who already have active programs