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Unsubscribe Calculator

As email marketers, we expect to see a portion of our subscriber list opt-out with each campaign. You might have a low unsubscribe rate, but if you think about the number of subscribers you are losing each year and the cost you incur to replace them, it might surprise you.

What if you could reduce the number of unsubscribes you see over a year by simply optimizing the frequency at which you send email to each individual subscriber? How could saving even a small percentage of the people you would have lost improve your email program?

Use our Unsubscribe Calculator to discover the true impact unsubscribes are having on your email program.

To use the Unsubscribe Calculator, you’ll need to provide a few pieces of information:

List Size: This is the number of subscribers on your list that you are actively mailing.

Campaign Unsubscribe Rate (%): This is your average campaign unsubscribe rate, typically calculated as Number of Unsubscribes / Number of Emails Delivered.

Average Number of Weekly Campaigns: This is the average number of email campaigns you send to your subscriber list each week.


  • Calculation for the annual number of unsubscribes assumes 100% inbox placement, meaning that each of your subscribers receives the average number of weekly campaigns.