On-Demand Webinar

Why Marketers Should Fight Email Fraud

Every day, marketers pay a hidden phishing tax—in lost brand trust, in reduced email performance, and in diminished ROI.

Traditionally, marketers have relied on the security, IT, and/or operations teams to combat email fraud. But as guardians of the brand, and owners of the email channel, the time has come for marketers to step up.

In this webinar, Spencer Kollas, VP of Global Deliverability at Experian Marketing Services and Brian Westnedge, Senior Director of Global Channels for Return Path discuss:

  • What email fraud is and why it matters for marketers
  • How to get visibility into who is emailing on your brand’s behalf and whether or not legitimate mail streams are authenticating correctly
  • Best practices for working with security and IT teams to protect your customers, your brand, and your email marketing ROI from email fraud

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