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Comparing Opens from Mobile, Webmail, and Desktop

How are your subscribers viewing your emails? Below we compare the breakdown of email opens between mobile, webmail, and desktop. This data is taken from Return Path’s Email Client Monitor and updated each month.

  • Mobile includes any smartphone, tablet, or e-reader that allows users to access their email.
  • Webmail includes any email opened on an internet browser, such as Gmail.com or Yahoo.com.
  • Desktop includes any email opened or viewed on software installed on a laptop or desktop, such as Outlook or Apple Mail.

Email Opens

See Yearly Data

To dig deeper into the data, click on any section of the chart to see the breakdown of devices in each email client. You can also view the email client breakdown for the past 12 months.

We’ll update the results monthly, so be sure to come back for the latest data.

The data above is based on 2.17 billion opens in June 2018 collected by our email tracking solution, Email Client Monitor. Email Client Monitor gives you insight into what devices subscribers view emails, when and where they’re opening emails, and how long they are reading.

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