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Inbox Monitor

Assess your inbox placement and maximize your email investment with Inbox Monitor

When you hit send, you want to be sure your emails are reaching your customers’ inboxes. Although your Email Service Provider says your email is delivered, it may have landed in the spam folder rather than the inbox. Return Path’s Inbox Monitor shows you where your emails are delivered – whether to the inbox, the spam folder, or if they went missing altogether.

In this video, we’ll give you a tour of Inbox Monitor and show you some key features, including:

  • Placement results based on actual subscribers’ mailboxes
  • Customizable dashboard for at-a-glance insights
  • Trending to see your results over time and how you compare to the industry average
  • Optimizer to easily diagnose filtering issues at specific mailbox providers, such as Gmail and Yahoo

Want to learn more about Inbox Monitor? See how it works now.

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