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Real-Time Email Validation ROI Calculator

As an email marketer, you spend a lot of time and money to acquire subscribers. However, at the point of acquisition or over time, invalid email addresses will end up on your list. If you are allowing invalid emails to be submitted through your sign-up form, this can cause your mail to be filtered to the spam folder or ultimately blocked. Converting these invalid emails into valid emails at the point of capture by alerting the subscriber can have a significant impact on revenue.

Our Real-Time Email Validation solution ensures you have a clean list of email addresses by checking your subscriber list before you hit send. Use our Return on Investment Calculator to see how much revenue you may be missing out on by sending to invalid addresses and your potential return on investment by implementing this solution.

To use the Real-Time Email Validation ROI Calculator, you’ll need to provide a few pieces of information:

Number of new emails collected each month: This is the number of new email addresses you typically collect each month from the signup form you are planning to optimize with Real-Time Email Validation.

Conversion rate from email signups (%): This is the percent of subscribers who sign up with their email address and make a purchase.

Customer lifetime value ($): This is the dollar value of the amount of revenue you can expect to generate from a customer over the entire time they do business with you.


  • This calculation assumes that 10% of your signups are invalid and that the cost per email address verification is $0.006 (actual price per validation varies).