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Defend your brand by detecting, blocking, and responding to email threats in real time.

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Return Path’s cloud-based Email Fraud Protection solution defends your brand by detecting, blocking, and responding to email threats targeting your customers. Powered by a global network of over 2 million consumer inboxes and more than 70 mailbox and security providers, the Return Path Data Cloud provides unique, real-time insights that help you eliminate the impact of consumer email fraud.

Defend Your Customers

Every day, cybercriminals send emails that spoof your domains, targeting your customers with malicious content. Defend your customers by eliminating fraudulent emails.

Defend Your Brand

After falling victim to email fraud, customers lose trust in your brand. This lost trust will ultimately affect their buying decisions. Preserve your reputation by detecting and responding to malicious messages spoofing your brand.

Defend Your Bottom Line

Customers who fall victim to email spoofing are tricked into giving up their confidential information—costing your company millions in fraud losses. Defend your bottom line by reducing spend on fraud reimbursements, phishing remediation, and customer service.

"We really care and are concerned about protecting our customers. We use Return Path’s Email Fraud Protection to quickly identify and shut down fraudulent attacks so our customers are protected against phishing."

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Key Features


Co-developed by Return Path and a consortium of mailbox providers and security vendors, the Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance — DMARC — specification aims to put an end to domain-based consumer email threats.

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Email Governance

We monitor and analyze over 1 billion DMARC aggregate reports every day to block bad emails spoofing your domains before they hit your customer’s inbox.

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Email Threat Intelligence

Powered by the Return Path Data Cloud, our proprietary email threat intelligence empowers you to identify threats beyond DMARC. We use over 100 data feeds from more than 70 providers to detect, classify and analyze data relating to 6 billion emails every day.

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Managed Services

Our technical email experts provide global support to you and your security and email governance teams. We analyze alerts gathered from our portal and provide insights into complex implementations across your email infrastructure.

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Interactive Tools

Our interactive tools will help you discover the full power of Return Path’s data and solutions.

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Defend Your Customers

Our advanced threat intelligence gives you unmatched insight into the security of your email channel.

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