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Sender reputation remains the most important factor mailbox providers use to determine which emails make it into a subscriber’s mailbox. Simply put, email marketers with exceptional reputations consistently reach their targets–everyone else struggles. If your IP has a poor reputation, your mail is less likely to reach the inbox, risking the chance that your subscribers may never even see your message.

So how do you know what your reputation is? Reputation Monitor removes the mystery by revealing how mailbox providers rate you as a sender using Sender Score–like a credit score for email reputation–along with corrective advice to improve that score.

With Reputation Monitor, you’re able to dive even deeper by exploring metrics from your own IP address. We’ll show you what mailbox providers are using to evaluate your email program including mailing to addresses that don’t exist, complaints, spam traps, blacklists, and more.

"We rely on email to attract and retain the panelists who are key to our business. Therefore, knowing our inbox placement rates and maintaining a good reputation is essential to the growth and success of our business. To us the value of Return Path is clear."

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How Return Path sees what’s happening with your email

Return Path leverages the power of the Return Path Data Exchange to acquire our unique proprietary data. We partner with mailbox providers, security providers, consumers, and developers to get data that provides actionable insights for improving your inbox placement.

This data powers Reputation Monitor to give you the most complete view of your sender reputation.

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