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It’s impossible to judge the true success of a campaign when you don’t know exactly where your messages were delivered. Reaching the inbox is more challenging than most marketers think because mailbox providers will frequently indicate that mail has been delivered, when it has not actually made it to the “right inbox.”

Using Return Path’s proprietary Data Cloud, Inbox Monitor is able to differentiate between inbox and junk folder placement, giving you the most accurate and comprehensive information around your inbox placement. With Inbox Monitor, you are able to gauge your deliverability reach at over 150 domains worldwide, including the top mailbox providers in the U.S., Europe, Canada, Latin America, and the Asia Pacific region. On top of that, Inbox Monitor is able to pull from your real subscriber data for enhanced accuracy utilizing our Consumer Network of more than two million email users.

"The change was instantaneous. We implemented the fixes Return Path suggested and were back to 100% deliverability at Yahoo overnight."

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To easily navigate these large volumes of data, Inbox Monitor has an intuitive interface allowing you to quickly hone in on solutions for inbox placement issues. An easy-to-use, customizable dashboard compiles all of the insights into a comprehensive view that makes sense for you. Additionally, sharable reports are available for you track your progress without having to log in to your account. Some of Inbox Monitor’s other key features include:

  • Customizable dashboards: Access key info at-a-glance, highlighting what issues matter most to you.
  • Filter type view: Monitor inbox placement using the same filters mailbox providers use.
  • International view: Track inbox placement by region and country.
  • Visualization: Quickly spot fluctuations to inform your team faster.
  • Smart filtering: Easily navigate to and explore specific campaigns.
  • Inbox Optimizer™: Easily diagnose filtering issues at specific mailbox providers, such as Gmail and Yahoo.

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