Email Copilot

Pinpoint deliverability issues before they occur and get a more accurate view of email marketing performance.

The faster you can identify and fix deliverability problems, the faster you’ll generate revenue from your email program. Normally, it might take you hours or days to identify a problem, let alone solve it. Email Copilot handles all of this in real time.

Email Copilot’s visually engaging dashboard provides pre-send data to pinpoint possible deliverability issues before they occur, as well as post-send monitoring and alerts to notify the user when deliverability results fall outside of the normal range.

Pre-Flight Checks

Am I ready to click that send button?

  • Am I on a blacklist?
  • What are my spam scores?
  • Are my authentication policies like SPF and DKIM right?
  • Has our technical infrastructure changed?
  • Are my links valid?

In-Flight Monitoring

I’ve clicked that send button. How’s it going?

  • Are we blocked by Gmail, Yahoo!, or other ISPs?
  • What do I do with these bounce messages?
  • Is my engagement where it should be?
  • Did we end up on a blacklist?
  • How do I fix these problems?

The Email Copilot technology will be integrated into Return Path’s existing Email Optimization solutions, reducing the noise in deliverability reporting and providing better delivery diagnostics. Combined, this data and technology will offer a highly accurate view of email marketing performance and provide best-in-class deliverability monitoring tools for email service providers and large, sophisticated senders.

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