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In a digital world filled with spammers, filters, and phishers, brands everywhere are taking up the mantle to provide an exceptional email experience for their subscribers. These email heroes have harnessed the power of Return Path's deliverability and optimization solutions to connect with customers like never before.

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“Certification provides a measurable lift when it comes to inbox placement rates, but also provides an invaluable data set at various mailbox providers, such as Yahoo and, that helps guide our deliverability strategy.”

Ryan Boyd, Postmaster & Director of Deliverability

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"Email that is not delivered to the inbox means a missed opportunity. With Certification and deliverability monitoring from Return Path we make sure our guests never miss an important message from IHG."

Kevin Hickey, Global Manager Email Marketing

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"The change was instantaneous. We implemented the fixes Return Path suggested and were back to 100 percent deliverability at Yahoo overnight."

Ryan Hofmann, Email Marketing Manager, Overstock

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"The impact of becoming members to the Return Path Certification program was like winning our own sweepstakes! Once accepted, not only did we maintain our good delivery at Hotmail, Yahoo!..."

Sal Tripi, Sr. Director of Operations and Compliance

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