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Return Path’s New Email Diagnostic Solution Helps Brands Reach Gmail Inboxes

1-800-Baskets and Publishers Clearing House Among Brands Using Inbox Monitor’s Mailbox Provider-specific Diagnostics to Increase Inbox Placement

Return Path, the global leader in email intelligence, today announced a new analytical solution that helps email marketers combat declining inbox placement at major mailbox providers, including Gmail. Now part of its Inbox Monitor product, Return Path’s diagnostic technology addresses the evolving deliverability challenges posed by individual major mailbox providers. The new solution was developed to help marketers understand the increasingly unique approaches developed by different providers like Gmail to assess email messages as either valuable or spam.

By evaluating more than 50 distinct elements that influence inbox placement, Inbox Monitor delivers an assessment of how a sender’s email program performs within individual mailbox providers’ environments and issues prioritized recommendations to improve that performance. The goal is to provide marketers with the ability to adjust to one provider’s preferences without hurting performance with other providers.

Inbox Monitor’s mailbox provider-specific diagnostics do not provide guidance that senders can use to bypass or lower thresholds in spam filters. Instead, this information offers insight into how mailbox providers evaluate their users’ preferences to make inbox placement decisions.

“Connecting with subscribers is key to inbox placement, particularly as mailbox providers increasingly study users’ behavior to determine what they want and don’t want in their inboxes,” said Matt Blumberg, Return Path founder and CEO. “Although better email deliverability is the most immediate benefit of mailbox provider-specific diagnostics services like Inbox Monitor, marketers that use the new insights tend to view them as part of a broader initiative to understand more about their customers.”

During the test phase, Return Path compared senders with known deliverability challenges who used mailbox provider-specific diagnostics to those that didn’t and found an average inbox placement lift of 15 percent. In extreme cases, including one of the world’s biggest retail brands, messages reaching the inbox increased by more than 50 percent.

Inbox Monitor’s enhanced technology has already been piloted by major brands like 1-800-Baskets and Publishers Clearing House with excellent results. Furthermore, the brands were able to use the new dimension of segmentation to help make future email marketing messages more relevant and valuable to the consumer.

1-800-Baskets, a division of New York-based 1-800-Flowers, used mailbox provider-specific diagnostics to reevaluate its sending practices to Gmail subscribers. By adjusting key elements of its email marketing program to better meet Gmail users’ expectations, the company achieved a significant improvement in its IPR and its overall marketing performance to Gmail users. Publishers Clearing House also participated, analyzing subscriber engagement metrics and inbox placement rates specifically for Gmail users, to identify ways in which the New York-based sweepstakes marketer could strengthen response.

“We knew there was an opportunity to understand our customers better and that we could drive stronger marketing performance by learning more about what they wanted from us, but we needed a data-driven approach that produced quantifiable results,” said 1-800-Baskets interactive marketing strategist Sagar Deo. “Today we’re closer to our customers and we can quantify the impact of sending strategies to guide decision making.”

The new Inbox Monitor diagnostic solution is available now for Gmail and other select mailbox providers.

About Return Path

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