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Return Path’s New Anti-Phishing Solutions Help Brand Marketers and IT Security Professionals Stop Brand-Damaging Email Threats

Domain Protect and Domain Secure provide comprehensive data and real-time reporting to identify and block communications posing as legitimate brand emails

NEW YORK – Oct. 23 2012 Return Path, the global leader in email intelligence, today announced the availability of two new anti-phishing solutions, Domain Protect and Domain Secure. The new services join the recently released Email Brand Monitor service to arm brand marketers and IT security professionals with the necessary tools to protect their brands through complete visibility into known, unknown and potentially harmful, fraudulent email traffic. According to the RSA Anti-Fraud Command Center, the number of unique phishing attacks detected over the past four years has increased by almost 280 percent (June 2012). Gaining visibility into this growing number of customer-targeted attacks in a timely manner has always been a challenge for brands until now.

Domain Protect and Domain Secure give brands the necessary tools to proactively block phishing and fraud, improve email visibility and ensure email governance through powerful threat intelligence. Both products offer real-time alerting to notify brands when a legitimate email is failing authentication or when potentially fraudulent emails are leveraging their brands in an attack against their customers.

“Phishing and fraudulent email have become a serious problem in the channel; the reputation of a brand can be seriously compromised with just one illegitimate email, let alone the long-term monetary damage that might ensue,”” said Matt Blumberg, CEO of Return Path. “Domain Protect and Domain Secure are shifting control of email communication back to the brand, providing companies with broad visibility into fraudulent activity and giving them the ability to fight back against phishers to maintain their brands’ equity with current and prospective customers.”

Domain Protect provides insight into a customer’s outbound mail streams to diagnose authentication problems and ensure a consistent email distribution policy. It offers full visibility into who is using an organization’s email domains and gives marketers the ability to proactively block  customer-targeted phishing and email fraud attacks. Domain Protect provides real-time alerts immediately notifying administrators about any infrastructure issues or suspicious activity. The product also supports a company’s Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance (DMARC) policy, making it easy for marketers to take advantage of this standard and its policy management and reporting capabilities.

Domain Secure includes the features of Domain Protect, and additionally gives brands the most comprehensive coverage against phishing attacks by providing powerful threat intelligence to help facilitate any internal or external phishing site prosecution effort. Domain Secure also leverages Return Path’s relationships in the Internet service provider (ISP) community to acquire actionable data as soon as a phishing attack hits a server and works with takedown vendors to quickly and efficiently remove a fraudulent site.

Domain Protect and Domain Secure power the anti-phishing Trusted Email Registry for BITS, the technology policy division of The Financial Services Roundtable, and FS-ISAC (Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Center).  Return Path’s offers members of these leading financial services organizations to proactively keep phishers, fraudsters and spammers from reaching the inboxes of their customers.

About Return Path

Return Path is the worldwide leader in email intelligence. We analyze more data about email than anyone else in the world and use that data to power products that ensure that only emails people want and expect reach the inbox. Our industry-leading email intelligence solutions utilize the world’s most comprehensive set of data to maximize the performance and accountability of email, build trust across the entire email ecosystem and protect users from spam and other abuse. We help businesses build better relationships with their customers and improve their email ROI; and we help ISPs and other mailbox providers enhance network performance and drive customer retention. Information about Return Path can be found at