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Return Path Offers Free Access to Its Anti-Phishing Registry for BITS and FS-ISAC Members

New York, NY January 18, 2011 Return Path, the world’s leading email certification and reputation monitoring company, today announced it is providing access to its industry leading anti-phishing registry, free of charge to members of BITS, the technology policy division of The Financial Services Roundtable, and FS-ISAC (Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Center). Return Path’s offer enables members of these leading financial services organizations to proactively keep phishers, fraudsters and spammers from reaching the inboxes of their customers. Return Path will also be offering member organizations a 90-day free trial of its full Domain Assurance anti-phishing service, along with an email deliverability audit and discounted services.

Email Dependability: Loss of Trust and Email Deliverability Failures
According to the most recent Anti-Phishing Work Group (APWG) report, Financial Services continue to be the most targeted industry sector with over 47% of all phishing attacks targeting financial service brands. For Financial Services companies, email dependability is seriously affected when customers suffer a loss of trust in the company brand as a result of phishing attempts and fraudulent emails. In addition to phishing attacks affecting email dependability, Return Path’s research shows that on average about 20% of commercial email messages are not delivered to the targeted inbox as intended, but are blocked or filtered erroneously before reaching their destination. Taken together, these two data points represent a double whammy for leading financial institutions the result being customers seeing fraudulent messages in their inbox, and not receiving real emails from the brands they trust.

“Financial institutions continue to find innovative ways to safeguard the email channel and to protect their customers’ data,” said BITS President Paul Smocer. “We are excited to partner with Return Path, whose services provide an information link between financial services companies and ISPs that will deepen an institution’s ability to prevent fraud.”

“The relationship that consumers have with their financial institution requires the highest degree of trust,” said Matt Blumberg, CEO, Return Path. “There is very little room for mistakes of any kind. For more than a decade, Return Path has worked with the world’s largest and most respected financial services companies to ensure their email communications arrive safely into the inboxes of their customers. With our Domain Assurance service, we protect brands and their customers from malicious email. We are excited by the opportunity to empower members of BITS and FS-ISAC with the ability to achieve highly dependable, trusted email communication between their companies and their clients.”

The Return Path Offer
As the global leader in email certification solutions trusted by over 2,500 top brands, Return Path leverages its extensive network and relationships with over 70 of the world’s largest ISPs, receiving data on more phishing attacks than any other industry player. With Return Path’s FS-ISAC and BITS financial services offer members receive:

  • Complimentary Email Authentication Scorecard – A customized and prioritized list of actions to take to improve email authentication for the company’s top email sending domains.
  • Complimentary Email Authentication Business Case – Business case to help justify the remediation of email authentication issues based on real-world examples and costs.
  • Complimentary 90 Day Access to Domain Assurance – Full access to Return Path Domain Assurance, providing the ability to:
    • Observe and block phishing and spoofing attacks on the company brand.
    • Identify legitimate mail servers that are not authenticating (“missed”) or are failing authentication (“broken”) by ISP networks.
    • Receive real-time alerts into email-borne phishing and spoofing attacks.
    • Protect domains from attacks by adding them to the Domain Assurance Registry, ensuring email policy enforcement by member ISPs.
    • Collect feeds of suspicious URLs and email addresses from known phishing attempts for additional analysis and remediation.
    • Expand protection beyond the Domain Assurance registry with a feed of phishing URLs delivered to other major security services.
  • Complimentary inbox placement and email reputation audit – In depth review of whether email is being delivered across Return Path’s ISP network and whether there are any reputation issues such as end-user complaints, spam trap hits, high unknown user rates, low end user engagement and other factors.

About Return Path

Return Path makes email work better by scoring and certifying email senders from around the world. We help marketers, publishers and other large-volume email senders increase their response rates by providing the world’s leading inbox deliverability solution. We help mailbox providers and email administrators at ISPs and enterprises block unwelcome and malicious email by providing near real-time IP reputation scores and other data-driven tools. Taken as a whole, these tools and services improve the consumer experience of email by protecting them from spam, phishing and other abuse. Return Path offers free access to Sender Score, the email reputation measure compiled through our cooperative data network of ISPs and other email receivers, at our reputation portal┬á Information about Return Path can be found at

About BITS

BITS addresses issues at the intersection of financial services, technology and public policy, where industry cooperation serves the public good, such as critical infrastructure protection, fraud prevention, and the safety of financial services. BITS is the technology policy division of The Financial Services Roundtable, which represents 100 of the largest integrated financial services companies providing banking, insurance, and investment products and services to the American consumer.


The Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Center (FS-ISAC) was formed in 1999 and is a non-profit, private financial sector initiative. It was designed and developed and is owned by financial institutions. Its primary function is to share timely, relevant and actionable information of physical and cyber security threat and incident information to help mitigate the risk associated with these threats.