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Return Path Launches Inbox Insight to Give UK Marketers Visibility into Competitive Email Campaigns

A new level of email intelligence gives marketers access to engagement data to increase response

LONDON – Apr. 25 2013 – Return Path, the global leader in email intelligence, today announced the availability of Inbox Insight for UK customers. This new tool helps marketers achieve a competitive advantage by showing what actions subscribers are taking with their emails and with those of competitors. Inbox Insight enables marketers to view, track and assess email campaigns in order to benchmark the success of their own campaigns as well as examine the performance of their competitors.

“Previously, email marketers haven’t had the capability to thoroughly examine how their own campaigns were performing or how they were comparing to their competitors,”¬Ě said Matt Blumberg, CEO of Return Path. “Inbox Insight gives UK customers a powerful way of analysing data in order to create better, more relevant campaigns for their subscribers. It’s this additional visibility into subscriber behavior in the inbox which will help drive more strategic and successful decisions on their own campaigns.”

Amongst the key features that enable Inbox Insight to show marketers how to improve their email campaigns are:

  • Enhanced Email Intelligence:
    • Showing what triggers the maximum level of recipient engagement in any industry for any business
    • Recording what actions real subscribers take with email: tracking engagement metrics including emails read, deleted unread, deleted after reading, forwarded, user marked spam and ISP marked spam rates
  • Improved Insight:
    • Enabling in-depth analysis to take place due to the level of data available
    • Delivering quick set up for analysis; the input required is easy, and campaign data populates automatically once a few simple steps have been taken
    • Ability to analyse every email a competitor sends out and see how it’s performed
  • Advanced data analysis:
    • Developing custom recommendations for each client following analysis of subject lines, email graphics, sending volume, email frequency, targeting and segmentation

Inbox Insight collates and aggregates data from an anonymous and consenting panel of subscribers. Email marketers can manipulate and analyse this data, learning from the successes and failures of their own and their competitors’ campaigns to enhance and refine future email marketing. For example, email marketers can assess the factors that influence successful email campaigns including length and text in subject lines, timing and content of emails and revise their future emails according to this information.

Inbox Insight also enables marketers to view email campaigns from companies in different industries. “It’s not just competitors in the same field that marketers need to think about as a subscriber’s inbox can be a crowded place and all organisations are competing for space and placement within consumers’ inboxes. The days where marketers are guessing what creates a good campaign should be behind them. Put simply, those who test their emails create the best campaigns,”” concluded Blumberg.