Return Path Launches Exclusive Platform Offering; Comprehensive Deliverability Data Now Available in a Single, Streamlined Solution for Email Service Providers

The Return Path Partner Platform offers an innovative way for email service providers to monitor deliverability issues across their entire customer base.

NEW YORK, March 28, 2018 — Leading email solutions provider Return Path today introduced a groundbreaking new solution exclusively for email service providers (ESPs). The Return Path Partner Platform is the first and only deliverability platform designed to give ESPs the ability to proactively monitor and diagnose deliverability issues across their full client ecosystem.

For an ESP, managing email deliverability for hundreds—or even thousands—of diverse clients in many different locations can be a challenge. Until now, they’ve had to spend precious time and energy logging into multiple systems to gather the information needed to identify and prioritize their clients’ deliverability problems. Return Path’s Partner Platform puts all of that deliverability data in one place, allowing ESPs to see what’s happening across their whole ecosystem at a high level, or drill down for more details.

Return Path’s Partner Platform provides a high level view of deliverability data for all clients, with the ability to drill down into specific metrics and customization options to display only the data that’s most impactful.

“The Partner Platform was built with extensive input from our longstanding ESP partners,” said Ken Takahashi, senior vice president at Return Path. “Unlike anything else available to ESPs today, this solution allows ESPs to take a more efficient and proactive approach to customer service. Rather than waiting for clients to approach them with concerns, ESPs will be empowered with the information they need to easily identify deliverability issues as they arise and provide proactive guidance for their clients.”

Leveraging Return Path’s unique data assets, the Partner Platform gives ESPs the insight they need to easily identify what’s important and monitor deliverability for all their customers, in one place. Built on Return Path’s Consumer Network, the platform offers visibility like never before, using multiple sources to provide inbox and spam folder placement data in near real time, as well as detailed information on spam complaints, list hygiene indicators, and much more.

The Partner Platform combines Return Path’s unique data sources to provide a complete picture of what’s happening across the ESP’s entire email ecosystem.

“Return Path’s new Partner Platform empowers the way ESPs proactively monitor deliverability for all clients,” said Sophia Jacobson, senior director of Deliverability Services for Zeta Global, a Return Path partner. “This cutting-edge solution is imperative to our day-to-day responsibilities and improving customers’ deliverability.”

The Partner Platform is now available to ESPs. To learn more about becoming a Return Path partner or the Partner Platform, call 866.362.4577 or complete this form.

About Return Path
Return Path analyzes the world’s largest collection of email data to show businesses how to stay connected to their audiences and strengthen their customer engagement. We help mailbox providers around the world deliver great user experiences and build trust in email by ensuring that wanted messages reach the inbox while spam doesn’t. To find out more about Return Path solutions, visit us at or request a demo.

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