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Return Path Launches Domain-Based Email Certification Solution

Return Path’s latest offering gives mailbox providers a new tool to identify safe, legitimate messages and enhances inbox placement for best-in-class email senders.

NEW YORK, May 10, 2016 — A staggering 21% of permissioned marketing emails never reach the inbox, instead landing in spam folders or getting blocked altogether. For brands and marketers, that means losing out on opens, clicks, and ultimately revenue. Data solutions provider Return Path today announced the next generation of its Certification solution, which will enable email senders to join the world’s most recognized certified whitelist based on their sending domain reputationwith the end result of a better inbox experience for users expecting important, valued email communication.

Prominent mailbox providers are recognizing the power of Domain Certification for enhancing the inbox experience of consumers. By ensuring only legitimate, high-quality senders reach the inbox, mailbox providers can better serve their users by tightening spam filtering while still making sure that the mail subscribers want doesn’t get sent to the spam folder.

“Email filtering is constantly evolving. With the adoption of IPv6, the number of IP addresses has grown exponentially, making IP reputation much more difficult to monitor. So mailbox providers are placing increased importance on domain-based authentication for their filtering decisions,” said Matt Blumberg, Return Path’s CEO. “Now more than ever, it’s critical for senders to maintain a spotless domain reputation. Going through the certification process is a sure-fire way to expose any possible domain reputation issues.”

For brands and marketers, Certification helps optimize email visibility and increase ROI by getting more email delivered at major mailbox providers, with an average lift of 18% in overall placement.

While Return Path’s existing IP address-based whitelist caters to large enterprise senders, the new Domain Certification solution will extend the benefits of Certification to small and mid-sized senders on shared IP addresses. Adding Domain Certification will also benefit senders that already have certified IP addresses by giving them greater flexibility to monitor their email streams.

“Having access to best-in-class email tools is essential for Allrecipes’ success, and as a Return Path customer we’ve leveraged their products for several improvements which has allowed us to build on our category leadership for email referrals,” said Brook Greb, Senior Manager, Engagement Marketing for “We are excited by Return Path’s continued innovation and look forward to seeing even greater benefits from the Return Path Domain Certification program.”

Like Return Path’s existing Certification program, only the most reputable senders will qualify for Domain Certification. Applicants undergo stringent review of their email program, including permission practices, email infrastructure, privacy policies, disclosures, and more. Once Certified, senders must maintain strict compliance with sending best practices in order to remain on Return Path’s Domain Certified whitelist.

“Email is the lifeblood of marketing, and Domain Certification is a critical step to establishing legitimacy. Quite simply, it provides proof that your emails are wanted by the end recipient,” Blumberg added. “Today we’re offering a whole new segment of senders that power of proofa critical element to ensuring that they’re not only hitting the inbox, but also delivering on customer expectations.”

To learn more about Return Path Certification, please visit our Certification webpage or register for our “How to Reach More Subscribers This Holiday Season” webinar on June 8, 2016.

About Return Path

Return Path analyzes the world’s largest collection of email data to show businesses how to stay connected to their audiences, strengthen their customer engagement, and protect their brands from fraud. We help mailbox providers and security providers around the world deliver great user experiences and build trust in email by ensuring that wanted messages reach the inbox while spam and abuse don’t. Find out more about Return Path solutions at