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Return Path Launches Data Cloud – Next-Generation Email Data Platform

New capabilities allow customers and partners to leverage data from more than 2 billion consumer mailboxes worldwide

New York – July 21, 2015 Global data solutions provider Return Path today announced the launch of the Return Path Data Cloud, the next generation of its proprietary email data platform and data service capabilities. The Return Path Data Cloud makes available one of the world’s most comprehensive sources of data from the email ecosystem consisting of inputs from more than 70 mailbox and security providers representing 2.5 billion email accounts and in-depth behavioral insights directly from the inboxes of more than 2 million consumers.

The Return Path Data Cloud collects, processes, and analyzes data from across the email ecosystem and then makes that data available via Software as a Service (SaaS) applications or new Data as a Service (DaaS) offerings launched today. By making data available directly from the Data Cloud, Return Path allows clients and partners flexibility in how they consume their information.

“As a pioneer in the development of data solutions, Return Path takes an important step forward today by making our consolidated data offerings available through the Return Path Data Cloud,” said Matt Blumberg, chief executive officer. “For our clients and strategic partners this launch extends their ability to license and analyze rich data beyond Return Path’s existing applications, enabling better integration with proprietary systems and ultimately stronger, more secure connections with their audiences.”

In an average day, the Return Path Data Cloud tracks at least 5 billion email deliveries and 4 million email complaints, reports on more than 1 billion DMARC “auth” messages, redacts 60 million individual emails, and parses 1 million email receipts from online and offline purchases. By making all of this information available as a data service to clients and partners, Return Path powers better marketing results, stronger security, deeper customer insight, and faster, smarter business decisions.

“Marketers now have an unprecedented opportunity to engage customers at every step of their journey,” said Bryan Wade, chief product officer, Salesforce Marketing Cloud. “Return Path’s technology uncovers business-critical challenges and opportunities, and the Return Path Data Cloud combined with the Salesforce Marketing Cloud can make it easy for marketers to analyze and respond to new information with fast, confident decisions.”

Specific capabilities of the Return Path Data Cloud available directly to brands and through select partners include: API access to email optimization data, supporting extensive systems integration; direct access through a new web services interface to threat intelligence data; access to online and offline consumer purchase data through standardized, formatted feeds. The Return Path Data Cloud also offers access to real-time global deliverability and threat intelligence data to global mailbox providers, ISPs, and security providers. Through Context.IO the Return Path Data Cloud offers a powerful API to the global developer community, simplifying the development and maintenance of email-based applications.

More information about the Return Path Data Cloud can be found at

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About Return Path

Return Path analyzes the world’s largest collection of email data to show marketers how to stay connected to their audiences, strengthen their customer engagement, and protect their brands from fraud. Our data solutions help analysts understand consumer behavior and market trends. We help mailbox providers and security providers around the world deliver great user experiences and build trust in email by ensuring that wanted messages reach the inbox while spam and abuse don’t. Find out more about Return Path Email Optimization, Email Fraud Protection, and Consumer Insight solutions at