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Return Path Launches AI-Powered Solution to Improve Inbox Placement and Boost Subscriber Engagement

Dynamic Optimization uses advanced analytics techniques to provide unique, customized solutions to specific email issues.

NEW YORK, October 30, 2018 — Global data solutions provider Return Path today announced a groundbreaking new addition to its robust suite of email deliverability and optimization product offerings. Leveraging Return Path’s advanced analytics capabilities, Dynamic Optimization utilizes the individual client’s ESP data to provide customized sending recommendations designed to solve specific email marketing problems like low inbox placement and subscriber list fatigue.

Dynamic Optimization is unlike other solutions available to email marketers today. Powered by EmailDNA, this revolutionary offering goes beyond best practice recommendations to provide truly customized solutions that can be integrated directly into the marketer’s workflow. Not only that, the solution actually learns over time, becoming smarter as new data is fed into the model.