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Return Path and BriteVerify Partner to Offer Real-Time Email Validation

Email verification solution helps marketers purge invalid email addresses, reducing bounce rate by up to 98% and improving email deliverability.

NEW YORK, NY and CHARLOTTE, NC, June 8, 2016 —Return Path and BriteVerify today announced a partnership that will bring BriteVerify’s email verification technology to Return Path customers. With Real-Time Email Validation, marketers can instantly identify and remove invalid email addresses from their subscriber list, reducing undeliverable mail by up to 98% and improving sender reputation.

Having a few invalid email addresses is common for marketers; people make typing errors and some make up fake email addresses. But sending to these bad addresses can have significant consequences. Email verification is used by companies all over the world to improve their email collection methods, the quality of emails in their databases, and, ultimately, their inbox placement rates.

“Most marketers remove invalid addresses from their email list when they bounce, after the campaign has already been sent,” said Return Path CEO Matt Blumberg. “With BriteVerify’s email validation, invalid addresses are identified and removed before they bounce, improving your chances of reaching the inbox. We’re thrilled to bring this solution to our customers through this new partnership.”

Major mailbox providers like Microsoft, Google, and Yahoo! rely on both sender reputation and subscriber engagement metrics to make spam filtering decisions. A high bounce rate is seen as a strong indicator of poor sending practices and low engagement, which can prompt mailbox providers to filter or even block email.

With Real-Time Email Validation, companies can validate email addresses individually, at the point of collection, or in bulk—either their entire list or a portion of a list. And the process is quick; it takes only minutes to validate up to 10,000 records.

“As email collection evolves towards less accurate methods like mobile devices and point-of-sale systems, the need for integrated email verification and inbox monitoring solutions becomes important to the success of email marketers,” said BriteVerify founding partner Matt McFee. “We’re excited to be involved in the early stages of developing these integrated solutions and our partnership with Return Path is a great step in that direction.”

To learn more about Real-Time Email Validation, please visit the Return Path website or register for our webinar, “How to Keep Your Lists Clean and Improve Deliverability” at noon ET on June 22, 2016.

About Return Path

Return Path analyzes the world’s largest collection of email data to show businesses how to stay connected to their audiences, strengthen their customer engagement, and protect their brands from fraud. Our data solutions help analysts understand consumer behavior and market trends. We help mailbox providers and security providers around the world deliver great user experiences and build trust in email by ensuring that wanted messages reach the inbox while spam and abuse don’t. Find out more about Return Path Email Optimization, Email Fraud Protection, and Consumer Insight solutions at

About BriteVerify

‪BriteVerify provides real time email verification solutions that improve email data quality, Inbox deliverability, and email marketing ROI. With offices in the US and the UK, BriteVerify has helped over 20,000 organizations in 145 countries collect better email data and send smarter campaigns. For more information please visit