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Return Path and Abusix Forge Partnership to Make the Internet Safer

Today, Abusix, the world’s leading authority in network provider customer trust and safety, announced a new partnership with Return Path

NEW YORK, June 13, 2017 — Today, Abusix, the world’s leading authority in network provider customer trust and safety, announced a new partnership with Return Path. Return Path, the world’s leader in email data, will combine ThreatWave’s proprietary data with Abusix’s market leading Abusix Threat Data services and AbuseHQ SaaS solutions. This partnership will provide security and brand protection providers and network owners the ability to quickly identify and thus resolve security and abuse threats for their customers and subscribers.

Under the new partnership, Return Path’s ThreatWave will become the sole provider of “parked domain data” to the Abusix Data Service.

Abusix Threat Data illuminates blind spots in networks by identifying spam and compromised systems. Through notifications and the sharing of evidence, it communicates future security threats to abuse operators, thereby enhancing network and brand infringement intelligence.

The addition of Return Path’s ThreatWave global email data to Abusix’s product offering increases the depth and coverage of Abusix solutions, providing Abusix customers broader view of:

  • Campaigns that contain phishing, brand infringement, and that violate email provider authorized use policies
  • Domains that exhibit characteristics typical of fraudulent or illegal activity
  • IP addresses that are abusing the networks that host them and their customers that are compromised

Together, Abusix and ThreatWave are committed to provide a more robust view into the known and unknown network and user internet threats today—spam, malware, phishing, bots, fraud, along with other security threats that impact consumer and business trust and safety.

“We are very excited to partner with Abusix,” said Matt Blumberg, Return Path CEO. “By combining Return Path’s ThreatWave data with Abusix’s threat intelligence solutions, organizations can accelerate the ability to quickly identify and stop email threats before causing damage.”

Return Path’s ThreatWave data will complement Abusix’s growing security and threat detection solutions. “We are driven to provide more insights and detection for our customers. With ThreatWave data, we can provide our customers with an even more in depth look at the potential threats against their networks,” says Tobias Knecht, Abusix CEO and Founder.

About Abusix

Abusix is the leading provider of real-time Email Threat Data to the Security and Brand Protection and Network Operator Community. The company processes over 400M trap messages a day, providing customers with a broad view of real-time threats. We also enable Network Operator with the ability to simply and quickly process externally provided abuse reports, Abusix Threat Data and internal system alerts and logs automatically all within one place, allowing our customers to transform all types of security event data into clean actionable insight, automate business processes, and confidently trigger real-time automatic compliance actions. To find out more about Abusix solutions, visit us at to request a free trial.

About Return Path

Return Path analyzes the world’s largest collection of email data to show businesses how to stay connected to their audiences and strengthen their customer engagement. Our data solutions help analysts understand consumer behavior and market trends. We help mailbox providers around the world deliver great user experiences and build trust in email by ensuring that wanted messages reach the inbox while spam doesn’t. To find out more about Return Path solutions, visit us at or request a demo.

About ThreatWave

ThreatWave is the leading provider of email data intelligence feeds, fueling the marketing, reputation, and security intelligence communities. ThreatWave built a diverse email sensor network that processes billions of messages monthly, providing an unparalleled view into the email ecosystem. For more information or to trial data, visit us at


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