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Beauty Brand Rodial Triples Weekly Revenue Through Email Best Practice

Return Path enables Rodial to avoid spam filters and achieve 55% increase in consumer interaction with the brand

Skincare product specialist Rodial increased its revenue from its email channel by more than 200 per cent over one week using best practices in its email marketing campaigns. Working with Return Path the world’s leading email certification and reputation monitoring company and Dotmailer, Rodial is now seeing almost 100 per cent of its sent emails reach subscribers’ inboxes, resulting in a huge increase in consumers’ click-throughs.

Rodial sends around one million emails every month promoting its products, latest offers and endorsements from celebrities including Sienna Miller and Kate Moss. It found many of these emails were failing to reach consumers because key product names, such as ‘Tummy Tuck’ and ‘Crash Diet’, are also terms that trigger ISPs’ spam filters.

The beauty brand used Return Path’s Mailbox Monitor tool to track a range of metrics that were affecting its email reputation of how ISPs and spam filters react to a company’s emails. The metrics include the percentage of Rodial’s sent emails that reach subscribers’ inboxes, as well as the number of emails that fell into spam folders or went missing completely.

Rodial then joined Return Path’s Certification Program, the world’s largest whitelist covering more than 2.1 billion inboxes worldwide which is used by many leading ISPs and filtering companies to identify legitimate email senders. Once certified, the amount of Rodial’s emails reaching subscribers’ inboxes jumped by more than 25 per cent.

Rodial is now seeing 98.7 per cent of its sent emails delivered to consumers’ inboxes, rather than hitting spam folders or going missing completely. The enhanced delivery rate resulted in consumers’ responses to the brand’s email marketing campaigns rocketing, with click-through rates increasing by more than 55 per cent.

Eliza Wells, PR, E-Commerce & Marketing Manager at Rodial, said: “If our emails don’t reach the inbox, then our customers don’t get the information they have asked for, hence why strong and consistent inbox placement a top priority for us. Being a Return Path Certified Sender and being part of its leading whitelist program has had a tremendous effect and positively impacted our overall e-commerce effectiveness. We are now achieving higher response from our programmes as well as increased ROI.”

“Our marketplace is extremely competitive which makes share of mind critically important. This is why we focus a lot on celebrity endorsements and also why our email campaigns fulfil a vital role in our marketing programmes.”

Richard Gibson, Channel Relationship Manager at Return Path, said: “Rodial is reliant upon the success of its email marketing campaigns and quickly realised the benefit of Return Path’s Certification Program and expertise in utilising email best practices. The dramatic increase Rodial saw in revenue and the boost to customers’ click-throughs on its emails is testament to the importance of identifying and acting upon email reputation issues. Rodial has earned its place in its subscribers’ inboxes by effectively proving its ‘not spam’ status.”

About Return Path

Return Path makes email work better by scoring and certifying email senders from around the world. We help marketers, publishers and other large-volume email senders increase their response rates by providing the world’s leading inbox deliverability solution. We help mailbox providers and email administrators at ISPs and enterprises block unwelcome and malicious email by providing near real-time IP reputation scores and other data-driven tools. Taken as a whole, these tools and services improve the consumer experience of email by protecting them from spam, phishing and other abuse. Return Path offers free access to Sender Score, the email reputation measure compiled through our cooperative data network of ISPs and other email receivers, at our reputation portal┬á Information about Return Path can be found at

About Rodial

Rodial’s skincare products deliver targeted treatments to skin concerns, combining the best of anti-ageing and firming ingredients. Rodial delivers the ultimate in skincare through the combination of its laboratory’s scientific expertise and clinical testing and its unique knowledge of natural skin treatments. Rodial products are dermatologically tested and recommended by dermatologists and plastic surgeons in the UK.