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New App Store Addresses Email Anxiety with Tools to Tame Unruly Inboxes

Available through OtherInbox, new store is the first to offer email-only apps tested and approved by experts

NEW YORK – Oct. 30, 2013 OtherInbox, a subsidiary of Return Path, the global leader in email intelligence, today announced the launch of the first email-only app store. The store features applications that have been tested and approved by email experts and are compatible with all major platforms including iOS, Android and Windows in a single, easy-to-navigate location. Through the more than 50 applications available for download via OtherInbox, users are able to determine how best to customize their email experience to make it easier to organize and manage the information they receive in their inbox.

“Email is an integral communication tool in peoples’ work and personal lives, yet sifting through an inbox full of news alerts, promotions, and notes from coworkers and friends can also leave users feeling overwhelmed and frustrated,” said Joshua Baer, founder of OtherInbox and chief innovation officer of Return Path. “With an app store for everything today, it amazed me that there wasn’t an app store for all the things to make your email work better. Now there is.”

Apps available from include:

  • Molto transforms your email into a simpler, more visual experience, especially on your iPad or Android tablet
  • Boxer, the next generation mobile inbox, lets you quickly triage your messages, respond through simple gestures, and manage tasks and items on your to-do list
  • Unsubscriber, developed by OtherInbox, is the easiest way to stop unwanted emails. Just move messages to the “unsubscribe” folder and Unsubscriber takes care of the rest

“The hardest part of an email startup is distribution. How do you get consumers to learn about your innovative new product and try it out,” said Andrew Eye, co-founder and CEO of Boxer. “The new OtherInbox app store is a true synergy where the sum of the parts is greater than the whole. By putting all of these apps in one place, more people will discover that email can be a far more productive and engaging experience.””

Application purchase prices are determined by contributing developers; many are available to download for free or at a nominal cost. OtherInbox currently does not collect fees from contributing developers. To learn more about getting an app evaluated and included in the OtherInbox app store, please contact OtherInbox at

About OtherInbox

OtherInbox is dedicated to making email better for everyone. Since 2008, we’ve built a series of innovative tools to help millions of people organize and improve their email.

OtherInbox, Inc. is proudly based in Austin, Texas and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Return Path.