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AOL Joins Return Path Certification Program

In program’s latest expansion, brands on Return Path’s whitelist of email senders now receive preferential treatment in AOL mailboxes

NEW YORK — June 23, 2015  — Return Path announced today that leading mailbox provider AOL has joined its Certification program and will extend preferential treatment to email senders that qualify for inclusion on the industry’s preeminent whitelist. More than 2,000 global brands participate in this program, submitting to regular audits of their email sending practices, and receiving benefits from mailbox providers including increased inbox placement and reduced throttling.

Multinational media company AOL provides more than 24 million mailboxes to consumers around the world. The company’s partnership with Return Path will enable it to more quickly identify email that subscribers want, while helping email marketers stay connected and build stronger relationships with AOL users.

For nearly ten years Return Path’s Certification program has helped mailbox providers around the world recognize and deliver messages from reputable email senders. By identifying messages from senders that comply with program standards, Return Path allows mailbox providers like AOL to improve their user experience by focusing more resources on evaluating suspicious email from other senders and preventing fraudulent and abusive messages from reaching account holders.

To qualify for Return Path’s Certification, email senders must continually demonstrate compliance with stringent requirements designed to ensure that their email infrastructure, security and privacy policies, data hygiene, and messaging tactics adhere to industry best practices and consumer-friendly, permission-based marketing guidelines. Certified senders receive preferential treatment and inbox placement benefits from more than 80 mailbox providers globally, representing more than 2.5 billion mailboxes, or roughly 70% of all mailboxes in the world.

“Welcoming AOL to the Return Path Certification program marks an important milestone in our growth and a potentially great improvement in the experience of millions of consumers,” said George Bilbrey, Return Path President. “AOL is one of the most prominent and progressive names in media technology, and we are truly proud to include them as a partner as we work together across the entire email community to make email better and safer for all stakeholders.”

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