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Universal Feedback Loop

A comprehensive tool designed for feedback loop configuration, management and coordination.

Managing an email program can be challenging, especially when it comes to setting up and managing feedback loops.

The Return Path Universal Feedback Loop is a modern solution bringing all Return Path hosted feedback loops (FBLs) into one cohesive and actionable location. We have partnered with mailbox providers such as Comcast, Cox, La Poste and to create a single FBL management tool to simplify the configuration process and coordinate subscriptions in one location. For more information on which feedback loop services Return Path provides, see here.

How it works:

  • One single sign up for almost 20 different feedback loops.
  • Access and organize data from a singular, easily navigated user interface.
  • Save time on setup and configuration.
  • Manage feedback loop subscriptions in one cohesive location.
  • Gain international feedback loop coverage.
  • Easily manage large IP CIDR ranges and streamline access to these subscriptions.