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The HitEnter podcast takes an unconventional look at the workplace. We bring you stories from the inbox that offer new perspectives on ordinary things. Our stories will inform and inspire you in your work and life.

Episode 4: Reinvention

Have you ever had to reinvent your career, or wish you could? In today’s episode, we explore the topic of career reinvention. People re-entering the workforce after an extended absence find it challenging to overcome certain stigmas with career gaps. While others dream about changing careers, but can’t fathom starting all over. We hear from people who are re-entering the paid workforce after years of caregiving, and their personal experience joining a paid mid-career internship.  We also hear from a few organizations that provides men and women the skills and confidence needed after deciding to re-enter the workforce, and one that is on a mission to help companies start their own return-to-work programs. A man shares his personal reinvention experience about a growing trend – stay-at-home dads. And one person tells us what it’s like to completely change careers and start from completely from scratch after decades doing the same career. Our guests include: Kendra Prospero, Carol Fishman Cohen, Tami Forman, Becky Early, Pamela Adams, Paul Chamberlain, John Modzelewski, and Caron Schwartz.

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Looking to reinvent and relaunch your career, or want to launch a similar return-to-work program in your company? Check out these organizations that were featured in our Reinvention episode:

Episode 3: Deception

We explore the common underlying psychology behind deception by looking at email fraud, a cult, sex trafficking, and mystery shopping. Deception is as old as the human race, so why do humans continue to fall for scams and fraud? What are the human traits scammers take advantage of? Our guests include: Beth Bruno, Caron Schwartz, Jennifer Beaumont, Liz Dennison, and an anonymous couple who joined a cult.

Episode 2: Undo

Inspired by Google’s “undo send” feature, we explored a few situations that touch on the human desire to undo something. Like, how does a company undo organizational memory loss? Or how do email marketers undo a very public mistake? We even asked a few of our colleagues at Return Path to tell us about their undo nightmares.

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Episode 1: Welcome and Introductions

Welcome to HitEnter’s first episode! Our theme is welcomes and introductions. We look at how greetings are conducted across a variety of settings and cultures and explore the key elements of a successful welcome.

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