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Fact Sheet: Return Path Platform

We Know Email Performance

Emails reported as “delivered” aren’t necessarily delivered to the inbox. The Return Path Platform provides deep insight into your inbox placement and sender reputation, giving you the most accurate and comprehensive information about your email deliverability. You get actionable insights so you truly know where to focus your email marketing efforts to improve your connection with subscribers.

Download our fact sheet to learn how the Return Path Platform helps you:

  • Differentiate between inbox and spam folder placement to quickly identify and fix deliverability problems to boost inbox placement and email marketing revenue.
  • Know how your email is being categorized within Gmail tabs based on actual subscriber data.
  • Address potential deliverability issues with Smart Alerts including resources to solve them.
  • Identify and fix reputation issues that cause mailbox providers to send your mail to the spam folder.
  • Immediately find out when any IP addresses or domains are placed on a blacklist and be able to determine why.