Benchmark Report: 2014 Sender Score

Fact: Your Reputation Matters in Email Marketing

Most email sent worldwide is (still) spam. As mailbox providers continue to weed through billions of messages to find the ones people want, maintaining a strong reputation remains critical to get to the inbox.

Return Path’s research correlates inbox placement to Sender Score, a proxy for mailbox providers’ assessment of senders’ reputation. Simply put, email marketers with exceptional reputations consistently reach their targets – everyone else struggles.

Return Path’s 2014 Sender Score Benchmark Report will show you where your reputation falls, and how it may be affecting your email marketing performance, including:

  • Why sender reputation matters
  • A detailed performance breakdown of the top Sender Score brands
  • How to pull your program into the top tier and keep it there
  • Where you fit into the global Sender Score landscape
  • The single biggest influence on reputation and deliverability

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