2015 Deliverability Benchmark Report

Analysis of Inbox Placement Rates in 2015

Worldwide, just 79 percent of commercial emails land in the inbox. This means that one out of every five emails never reaches the intended recipient. Instead, it’s either sent to a spam folder or goes missing—most likely blocked by the mailbox provider.

In this report, we share our findings on worldwide inbox placement rates, including:

  • Global inbox placement trends
  • Deliverability statistics for individual countries
  • Industry-specific inbox placement rates, plus year-over-year changes
  • Key “best practices” in deliverability that marketers may be missing out on

It’s clear that maintaining a high inbox placement rate isn’t getting any easier—but it’s more important than ever before. Developing a better understanding of inbox placement can help you improve this critical metric and build stronger relationships with customers.

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