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Racing Post

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Racing Post is the definitive horse racing, bloodstock and sports betting media company with online and television properties.


Racing Post is the definitive horse racing, bloodstock and sports betting media company with an online and television properties. Racing Post email campaigns, managed by leading email service provider Database Group Interactive (DbGi), are generally promotional in nature, communicating to Racing Post’s in-house list of 65,000 subscribers to publicize upcoming racing events and drive traffic to Racing Post’s betting website. However, delivery rates to domains under the Microsoft umbrella (Hotmail, Outlook, etc.) hovered around 97 percent. Since these addresses make up a third of their total subscriber list, they wanted to boost their delivery rates to 100 percent at this domain to achieve optimum results.



As a Return Path Certification partner, DbGi recommended that Racing Post apply for the Return Path Certification program, the industry’s largest and most widely used whitelist. Return Path Certification is built on a network of trust that entitles world class email senders to receive preferential treatment and special privileges from participating ISPs and email receivers including Microsoft. As a Certified sender, Racing Post would experience increased deliverability to 2 billion inboxes worldwide, automatic image and link enablement at Microsoft and daily performance reporting to help them maintain their good standing. Additionally, Certified senders receive a trusted unsubscribe button to help reduce the number of complaints; an issue senders need to manage regularly to maintain their status in the program. As a Return Path Certification partner, DbGi knew that Racing Post already had a great email reputation and low complaint rates, and was confident that Racing Post would qualify.

What our customers say

“Since joining the Return Path Certification program, we have seen a dramatic increase in both deliverability and response. At Hotmail, we achieved a 276 percent increase in open rates and doubled our click through rates. As an added benefit, our unsubscribes and complaint rates significantly decreased which means we have more engaged readers. Return Path Certification is well worth it.”

Lucy Watson
Marketing Manager


Racing Post applied for Return Path Certification and was accepted to the program. It was like being in the winners circle. After monitoring the results of similar campaigns both pre and post certification, Racing Post achieved 99 percent delivery to Microsoft. This increase in delivery coupled with the rendering benefits at Microsoft caused open rates to surge from 5 percent to 18 percent – a 276 percent increase – and click through rates to double. Moreover, the addition of the trusted unsubscribe button to Racing Post emails resulted in fewer unsubscribes and a complaint rate reduction of nearly 80 percent when compared to rates prior to joining the program.