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Products Used
  • Certification
  • Deliverability is the UK’s leading holiday price comparison website, providing a fast and easy way for people to compare the best deals from a range of leading holiday travel providers.

Challenge operates a significant email marketing programme, providing weekly deals and price alerts to its multi-million opt-in email database. Whilst understood and measured the importance of key engagement metrics such as open, click and send ratios, inbox placement was not being monitored and therefore presented an opportunity to further improve email marketing performance.

CRM and Email Marketing Manager, Darren Kunar commented “since joining we’ve strived to develop a best in class email marketing programme and putting in place a service to measure inbox placement was a key next step for us.” Darren turned to Return Path to provide insight into’s inbox placement performance.

What our customers say

“A granular focus on inbox placement with a best-in-class provider such as Return Path has been revolutionary for”

Darren Kunar
CRM and Email Marketing Manager


Using Inbox Monitor, the Return Path team quickly identified opportunities to improve deliverability with major mailbox providers. The data from Inbox Monitor showed clearly where mailbox providers were directing individual campaigns into spam or in isolated cases not delivering them at all. To combat their deliverability issues, the Return Path team recommended that apply for Return Path’s Certification programme–the industry leading whitelist that indicates members are safe and reputable senders. Inclusion in the programme can significantly reduce filtering and throttling of email marketing campaigns.


By monitoring inbox placement performance data, was able to identify content that resonated most with subscribers, which resulted in more highly optimized campaigns built around customer preferences.

“A granular focus on inbox placement with a best-in-class provider such as Return Path has been revolutionary for,” said Kunar. “With Return Path’s expertise, we were able to maximise the potential for our email channel. We’ve seen an increase in customer engagement and loyalty, which has directly affected our ROI.”


Once accepted into the Return Path Certification program, saw an immediate improvement in email deliverability and subscriber engagement. As a result of these deliverability improvements, the company’s open rates increased by 5 percent within the first two months. Using Inbox Monitor, could see that messages were reaching inboxes across the spectrum of mailbox providers, including those that were previously a challenge for them. has also seen a 6 percent increase in click-through rates as a result of making a few changes to its email templates, such as increasing the size of call-to-actions and adding more clickable links.