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Gilt builds a brand with email and Return Path.


Online luxury shopping destination has sustained rapid growth by creating a consistently strong brand experience, delivering exceptional value, and building a progressive, industry-leading email program.

Building Relationships, Staying Connected

Few merchants have used email to build and develop a brand as quickly or as effectively as Gilt. Beneath the distinct creative that defines one of the world’s pioneering luxury brands, the architecture of the company’s email experience has earned consumer trust, loyalty, and most important, continual expansion through word-of-mouth as Gilt customers actively serve as brand ambassadors.

From ensuring that its messages reach members’ inboxes—arriving when they’re expected, always up to the brand’s aesthetic standards—to maintaining open, strong relationships with the mailbox provider community, Gilt relies on Return Path to help realize its strategic goals in email and protect the foundation of the company’s growth.

Return Path, in partnership with leading email service provider Salesforce Marketing Cloud, has been instrumental in supporting Gilt’s membership development and expansion plans for local lifestyle site Gilt City, providing invaluable guidance in the execution of tactical growth initiatives and email policymaking throughout Gilt City’s emergence as a premier local luxury brand in key markets around the country.

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"As the best luxury e-commerce site in the marketplace, Gilt needs best-in-class expertise. Return Path provides the visibility and protection that we need to communicate with our members through email, a crucial channel for us. Their solutions are truly invaluable to our business and the Return Path team is an extension of our team."

James DeStefano

Director, CRM & Email Marketing

From Local to Global

As Gilt invests in international expansion the company has been able to leverage Return Path’s insight into the global mailbox provider community and best practices recommendations to build subscriber relationships and foster brand advocacy across the globe.

Return Path and Salesforce Marketing Cloud also help Gilt maintain a leadership role in the sender community, keeping the brand at the forefront of emerging trends and new approaches to better connect with consumers, understand and honor subscriber preferences, and deliver an outstanding personalized, intuitive, and continually improving email customer experience.

The Results: A Reputation that Inspires Loyalty

Gilt’s drive to deliver an extraordinary email experience has produced one of the most proactive complaint reduction programs in the industry, resulting in exceptionally low complaint rates amid aggressive membership expansion. Even more important, Gilt subscribers are among the most likely in the industry to submit This Is Not Spam (TINS) reports to mailbox providers when messages aren’t delivered to their inboxes. Few brands can equal this measure of loyalty, with consumers actively searching for missing messages and ensuring that they receive email from Gilt and Gilt City.

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