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Products Used
  • Return Path Platform
  • Inbox Preview
  • Deliverability
  • Design & Rendering operates the world’s largest platform for social change with thousands of campaigns created each day by users looking to effect change. To help these petitions succeed, uses email to connect each petition to over 180 million advocates around the world. From alerts about a new petition and updates on an ongoing cause to a last minute call for additional support, every email is crucial. To ensure their advocates receive and can immediately act on each message, needed a way to ensure that their email would reach the inbox and render perfectly.


Every message that is not delivered to the inbox leaves a cause unsupported. To maximize and protect their deliverability, needed deeper insight into where their email was being delivered and why. But simply reaching the inbox is not enough. With advocates in every country of the world, also needs to ensure that every email will open perfectly, regardless of which of the many international email platforms their advocates use.

Image uses email to connect each petition to over 180 million advocates around the world.


Email is a uniquely powerful tool in the fight for change, so landing in the inbox is essential. With Return Path, is able to follow each email from send to delivery, allowing them to immediately identify if and when their messages are diverted to the spam folder. Knowing this allows to immediately react and resolve any deliverability issues, ensuring that future messages—and the causes they support—will reach advocates who can help.

Arriving in the inbox is only the first step. also needed to ensure the design of each message would render correctly no matter where it was opened. A poorly rendered email not only presents a poor user experience, but it diminishes the true purpose of the message—connecting advocates to worthy causes and providing them with the tools to support change. Using Inbox Preview, is able to confirm the layout of each campaign on multiple devices and web browsers before hitting send. Now, no matter which browser, platform, or device an advocates uses, every message will open flawlessly, highlighting important causes in need of support.

What our customers say

“For us, making sure that our millions of users engage with the campaigns on our site is essential to our success. The Return Path Platform helps us ensure our mail is reaching our users and getting to their inboxes and driving that engagement.”

Alice Cornell
Director of Email Deliverability


With Return Path’s solutions, has achieved near perfect inbox placement at its four key mailbox providers. The dynamic visibility into their campaign performance has also enabled to increase their campaign sends each month while maintaining their strong deliverability—connecting each cause to more supporters. As Alice Cornell confirms, “Email is at the heart of our mission. Email is what helps our users drive their campaigns and helps us share their inspiring stories with other users.”